This is a series of reflections over time by a guy who during the summer of 2016, at age 67, on vacation, found out he has idiopathic fibrosis, or, IPF. That’s me. A very simple definition of the disease is that it is one that produces scaring (fibrosis) of the lungs (pulmonary) which has no known single cause or cure (idiopathic). You can find more detail elsewhere.

I need to share my experience in some manner, even as I continue to discover its menacing secrets. So you are invited to read along.

As a warning, this is not a day-to-day recording of the progression of my disease or its treatment. It is a recording of me on a sort of day-to-day basis.

Eric Panama Hat small cropped
Me trying to look cool before putting oxygen tubes in my nose.

It is more about the person inside. If you want the outside stuff, or a more technical approach there is a lot out there. Imagine that I am a being who has recently been placed into a kind of petri dish. There is stuff growing and changing all about me but I remain at the center.

I do enjoy a conversation so feel free to post something if so motivated.










Author: estrayer

sociology - that's it, sociology

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