IPF JOURNEY 10-23-2016 [end of days]

One mans journey down the path of IPF.

JOURNAL 10-23-2016

Read some stuff the other day on “what would you do if you only end-of-dayshad a year to live?” Of course some people traveled and another wanted to be with family and that sort of thing. Well, from my standpoint it depends on if I CAN do such things. Get out of the house. Travel.
This IPF thing I fear is not going to let me do much of that traveling stuff, although I don’t know for certain yet. But not today anyway.
God, I’m coughing away right now barfing air and trying to type at the same time. I can get around the apartment somewhat but always seem to pay with a coughing episode. Ain’t that great. Kind of keeps me in my chair with very little stimulation in front of me other that a computer screen. And a cat.
Fuck, this is a pain. But I promised myself I’d try to write every day and I set a computer reminder and all. Guess it worked.
I am not sure where this stuff is going to end up. WordPress makes the most sense. My own website? Way more work. Quite appealing though. To much friggin’ work.
Of course you already know the answer. Isn’t time a funny thing. I sit here now undecided and you sit in the future wondering what my confusion is all about.
Hey, post Frankl post yesterday: Still not in the suffering thing. Well, last night in the wee hours it did hit me. But not very hard. INSTEAD I lay spinning topics, memories, ideas, sentence beginnings, more topics and more sentence beginnings. This was for an hour or so. I knew though, that if I got up to write it would all evaporate in the time it would take to travel the twelve feet to my office and computer. This stuff doesn’t go away though. I just need the net ready when I am. [That didn’t make any sense but I left it in.]
I hope by now I have managed to get some pictures in this thing. Well, I guess you know already.
Hey again. How do you like the title of this thing, “End of Days”?. Real biblical. Sweeping. Technically it speaks for all of humanity, which from my viewpoint I guess it is. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, what is the difference between all of you vanishing and me left or me vanishing and all of you left? Fuck, this thread is not going well is it? Skip it.
I’m about done here anyway. I don’t think I recaptured a single of those awesome and important thoughts from last night to share with you. Currently I don’t take the laptop to bed, it already being a bit cramped with a Kleenex box (trademark) and an iPad and my little bag of thingies that keep me from wasting trips for, um, those thingies. S is on the left and that stuff is in the middle . I’ll get to the cat some other time, but it, he, will almost certainly show up.


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