IPF JOURNEY 10-25-2016 [kind of gross]

JOURNAL 10-25-2016

This is one of those days. well, there haven’t befraud-copyen very many since I started this, but nonetheless… To continue, it IS a day that has been mostly crap. I had two doctor’s appointments which is the biggest field trip since out of the hospital.

So the coughing came back. Have you ever coughed to hard and long that you start vomiting are? It is really weird. You really don’t know what is coming up or out, making prediction impossible. I.e. sit tight or run to the sink? Ain’t life a bitch. (Bad word but I use it colloquially.) [Is this a good place to start looking at how many negative epithets refer to women? Nah. Later maybe.]

This is hard today. I am coughing too much to focus. Teeth gnashing too. Like when you really really don’t want to throw up. But even this I must share.

So about those doctors. It was two meetings in which I am basically told “good luck; wait and see; maybe the new drugs will work” and so forth. Nobody saying’ nuttin’!

Really tired right now. The puking air thing came back late today, so who knows on that score?

Is this too dreary?



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