IPF JOURNEY 10-30-16

I never know when during the day I should start writing. Odd isn’t it? How about now? I do worry about the chance interruption and such, and it will likely happen. Even so.

I did read last week I think, in Maria Popova’s “Brain Pickings” a bit on the business of being interrupted. Among others, she cited Mary Oliver: “It is a silver morning like any other. I am at my desk. Then the phone rings, or someone raps at the door. I am deep in the machinery of my wits. Reluctantly I rise, I answer the phone or I open the door. And the thought which I had in hand, or almost in hand, is gone.”

Now I must disagree somewhat, even though admittedly I don’t really write. That is Write Write. I write fragments and notes and not much gets finished but for a blog upon occasion. Yet, hear me out. You know the term “in the company of strangers?” Yes? No? If no, it still doesn’t matter. Suffice it to say, the idea is feeling comfortable among people you don’t know. You are not lonely, but you are alone. coffe-houseYou are surrounded, most likely in a restaurant or a bar, but possibly in an airport or train station – as if there were real trains around any more. At least on the West Coast. Back to it: I do like this feeling from time to time. It is not likely to happen now, as my circumstances, at least for the moment, prohibit driving and I must carry around some kind of O2 source, and there is that cannula thing which is kind of embarrassing, or at least very uncomfortable in the attention it draws – or the attempted lack of attention.

Strangers. I would sit in my favorite watering hole or restaurant/watering hole and watch people having lunch – people with jobs, business people, car salespersons acting like business people (or are they?). Women in “nice” clothes with “nice” shoes and the guys all pretty much looking alike in suits or golf clothes if the place is kind of expensive and near a golf course. I want to say I hate golf. I do not. I do hate golf courses and I suspect most golfers, but I cannot substantiate that. But come on…

Author: estrayer

sociology - that's it, sociology

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