IPF JOURNEY 11-01-2016

Did I mention the trip to ER? I see I did. Coughing again today. PT came in and we did a bit of walking and coughing and a couple of low effort exercises with coughing, and now am sitting and coughing. Took a half dose of Cherrytussin (pretty odd name if you ask me) and helped for about 45 minutes.

Bored yet?

OK, in spite of my earlier mention that I didn’t even watch documentaries any more because there was unlikely to be anything new for me, I actually watched a couple of documentaries yesterday. Maybe there is something new after all. (It was just some kind of depression or fatigue that prompted my statement about nothing being new to me.)

I’m actually worried that since my Os go down so low from minimal exercise and the cough is persisting that I may be farther along with IPF than I care to think about. And there is the rub, eh? When time is an abstract, denial, or just being more day-to-day is not so hard. But if one hits that “holy shit, that soon? Really?” stage It is going to be different.

Continued with Atul Gawande’s book Mortal and the section I am reading is on this very thing, People of various ages including their thirties, are discussed in detail. For some checking out is just not acceptable and they try all kinds of treatments and procedures, many of which do little else than cause more suffering. If Gawande is correct on the studies he cites, he notes that people in hospice instead of continued, yet doubtful treatments in the hospital, actually live longer, with less pain and less stress. That is something to consider. Also the treatment costs are far less making insurance companies more likely to cover it. Fuck insurance companies, in case I haven’t said that yet.

About those documentaries. The first, full length 1.5 hours was titled Considering Violence. Using the writing of Franz Fanon (who also wrote Wretched of the Earth, 1961) it uses paragraphs from it on the screen to make sense of what he was talking about and how relevant it is in all the colonial examples used in the film. concerning-violenceIt is really great. A total inditement of Euro-consciousness as an exploitive and oppressive force in the world. I would say that this continues under the guise of “the war on terror” with the same process of extracting resources from the poor to enhance the lives of the wealthy. Oil, for the most part, but also coco and coffee come to mind. Oh, water too. Did I say labor? Scrapings from the bottom of the world. Shit, I won’t miss this world much. imagesBut then, there won’t be the possibility of “missing” anything.  And so forth. But one of the essential elements in Fanon’s treaty on the subject of colonization is the it takes force and violence to subdue a population and violence on the part of the oppressed to overcome the colonizing oppressors.

Getting tired. Still coughing. This is getting rather grim.

Second flick was only a half an hour, and was a composite of videos from the student strike in Montreal in 2012 and titled “Street Politics 101”. If you don’t know about this astonishing event, well, you have to start following alternatives to main stream media. Yes, even the kind of “liberal” shows. I’ll maybe pound on that point later. For now, suffice it to say that the six month long strike, in which the college students were striking initially over a tuition hike but later over the “system” at large as well, over time drew the regular public in banging pots and pans in protest. Here is the real interesting part. Anarchy. Before you freak out, maybe you should read about anarchy, and the various forms of it, and that it is not chaos at all. However it does, in this case anyway, include violence. And each segment of the film highlights one of the “lessons” applied as taught by the anarchists. Interestingly these lessons, or rules, play out rather nicely, that is, if you are on the side of the students. The crowd grows at one point to 100,000. Pictures taken from above are absolutely amazing.student-demo-20150321.jpg

Also, watching the police run away from a bunch of gangly bookish students was something quite new to me. And it was the anarchists who taught the students how to do this. Again, become informed on this anarchy thing! You have been lied to since you were born. Time to start reading the right books now.

Now look at how this little documentary relates to the previous one. What is the common theme? Numbers and the lack of fear to use violence. Remember that Nelson Mandela did not claim that non-violence was the only course to take. There was violence in South Africa by the revolutionaries. This, obviously, is important. This, obviously, is not well known. At least not in the United States.

My personal take on the use of violence is that it is very limited in how it can play out. Taking on the entire government with all its military might, is absurd. It is nutty for the left wing revolutionaries as it is for the right wing gun-toting militias. But I will stop with that. As I obviously “know” nothing on the topic.

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