IPF JOURNAL 12-17-2016 [oxygen is a gas. really]

Another of those tired days. I think it is from not moving around enough. I am, and in part allow myself, to be stuck in the house. But the idea of walking through a Target or a grocery store with a large E-Tank repulses me.Yeah, I see gray haired codgers like me, but mostly a bit older, cruising the stores in an electric cart. I’ve been there before, in the cart I mean, with other health issues. The oxygen thing for some reason feels worse to me.

Reading a book about Hannah Arendt, which was triggered by a Facebook post by Sherry’s brother. A very interesting person. Arendt that is. I need to read some of her stuff now. Yeah, sure, like I’m reading a lot these days. News and more news is about news is all I have been reading. It’s not the same thing. Lazy reading. But of course, these days, the news is pretty compelling stuff. breaking-news-01Addicting. I can’t not take a peek, and then another hour is shot mostly reading stuff I already read earlier.

Hey, did I ever explain the cannula? Regardless, a bit more anyway. I keep wanting to spell it cannella, which is a type of tree in Florida. Or I’ll spell it canella, which I guess means nothing. I thought there was an Italian pastry in the mix. Guess I was wrong. It is bugging me though. [Later: found it. The pastry is called a cannoli. Ha! Vindicated.]

So this cannula thing is in my nose all the time. From it a four or five foot tube is attached to some sort of oxygen supply. That might be an E-Tank on wheels. Or it might be connected to a portable oxygen condenser on wheels – or maybe the really small ones you can carry with a shoulder strap. Also  there is the really small tank that can be on a strap. It fits in the grocery cart kid carrier. I’ve used all of these now except for the small condenser which won’t work for me. Its output is not sufficient to my needs, which is 4 liters per minute. I’d give you even more details but it is boring.

But I will say that you can connect the five foot tube to a fifty foot tube. Which we did. For weeks we tripped on that thing and it got tangled and snagged on stuff, THEN we found out you can get a 25 foot one. The supplier never thought to share that information. THEN we found out that there is a swivel connector that reduces the looping and tangling. They didn’t tell us that either. They just want to drop by and leave or pick up a piece of equipment and get the hell out. Service. “They”, if you are curious, is the oxyge100px-Better_Business_Bureau.svgn supply company Apria. Do a Google search with the phrase “complaints against Apria”. Never mind, I did it for you. Here is the Better Business Bureau scoring:

“Apria Healthcare has received 1.02 out of 5 stars based on 117 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of F.”

OK, enough whining for now.

I lied earlier. The cough is back. Bugging me quite a bit. Can’t have a phone conversation. Now I spent a lot of time with the first pulmonologist trying to solve the cough problem to allow me to the work on expanding my lung capacity. But sincet the dry cough is a typical symptom of IPF, says to me that it ain’t going anywhere.

Cough, cough, cough, and so forth.

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