IPF JOURNEY 12-20-2016 [two entries – number one and number two]

Here are two entries from the same day. Both have been edited much later than their original writing. Lucky you. The first one, directly following these remarks, is the bummer one. It is political too. It is a polemic if you will. It is not about IPF. But I can’t help it sometimes. So, if you don’t like this kind of thing, skip to the second one called “the nicer one”. It is a little bit nicer. I stress, “a bit”.

Polar bears. Friggin’ polar bears again. In a news story online. I didn’t need to read the article. Anybody who doesn’t know what is happening to the polar bears must be a Republican. Because every civilized person in the developed world does, of that I am quite sure. So I was off on my sorrow for life on the planet jag again. I think of the birds especially, as they are magic the way they travel so deftly in that super thin medium we Polar-Bear-Icecall air. All the birds. It is especially interesting comparing the hummingbird to all the rest. It is simply amazing. What the heck is that all about? Oh yeah, my favorite misused term, “intelligent design.” Conservatives/evangelicals coined it as a means of worming creationism into textbooks. The “other” view. One is based in science, and the other in magic. So then, if creationism should be taught in school, then so should the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Indeed, all the religions are all based on magic. (Zen is not a religion. Zen Buddhism is however. I think. But that’s not the point. I like the term “intelligent design” but do not think of it as some kind of single being that is intelligent and designs stuff. If that were the case said designer left a lot to be desired. Maybe humanity is just a Beta test. But I think of the “intelligent” part as a process. Maybe an algorithm. The intelligent part is simply that it works and the more we uncover as to how it works the more sense it makes. The “whole” might be considered as intelligent just as we consider our brains to be. Or ourselves to be. Hell, you gotta admit, nice try here.

More on polar bears. I have a hard time with the notion that people who know that things like fossil fuels are killing the planet continue to do so and even thwart efforts to find better solutions for our energy need, even in spite of actually KNOWING that they are better. Of course I am thinking of Exxon Mobile who withheld information years ago that they knew what was happening to the climate but didn’t care to share that information. But worse, in a way, are those who really know, but don’t want to, so use the “hoax” thing to brush it all off. Republicans again. To remain a member of the Republican party is to endorse the Republican party and all the horrible and inhumane bits of legislation it supports.

NOTE: A bunch of political stuff cut here. Too much for even me.  

Still thinking about those polar bears. Polar bears?  The frequently used photograph of the bear on a small chunk of ice detached from the mainland and certain to die a slow death is a grabber every time. It really shakes me up. So do pictures of dead elephants with bloody stumps where their tusks were. Why don’t I feel that way about people? Or do I? We all get soft and gushy when we see a sick kid. And we see pictures of sick kids in Syria as often enough. I don’t get the animal thing so will skip it for now. It is kind of embarrassing. Or shameful. It even seems contrary to humans having survived this long.  Some weird shit eh?

JOURNAL 12-20-2016 the nicer one

I wrote quite a bit for the journal today. But it was a tirade on a particular political party and on religion. I’ll leave it for Steven Colbert and John Oliver. I have few enough friends as it is.

Stocked up on O2 today. Had delivered enough E-Tanks to equal 24 plus one really big boy good for about 30 hours. [Note: I now have a standing order for 36 due to travel needs.] It is an M22-tank. (Really? 30 hours?) It is a backup for power failure. The assembled tanks look like military ordnance. It is weird.Lotsa Tanks

A down day. Forgot to go outside. Did not exercise. Some of that ol’ time depression. Not quite feeling it head-to-toe yet. Maybe later. Maybe not. If you have ever had some kick-ass clinical depression you know what I mean about it being all through your body, not just in your head. You can feel it. Creepy.

This journal thing is starting to wear on me. I feel foolish writing this stuff down as if someone might read it. What good would it do anybody? Does it do anything for me? I don’t know. I don’t know.

As mentioned earlier regarding my problem with hating TV, in spite of that I have continued watching two series. One is “The Man in the High Castle”. I don’t know if they can keep it going for a third season, but the story (PK Dick) is terrific and suspenseful and so, and sooooo appropriate for the moment. Imagine WWII with the Nazis and Japan winning and splitting up ownership of America and, oh, no spoilers. The other is “The Americans” which recaps the 80s under Reagan and his insane ideas about an anti-missile defense shield and strange weapons like “tiny pebbles” designed to act like a shotgun scattering pellets at an incoming warhead and fucking it up somehow. lostinspaceNever happened. None of it ever happened. Some people made a lot of money though. Hey, believe this: The genesis of all of that was suggested by the likes of Edward Teller, but weirder still were science fiction writers Jerry Pournelle and Larry. No kidding. My favorite documentary maker, Adam Curtis, notes this in one of his films for the BBC called “Pandora’s Box”. The show is painfully slow at times but is great at contrasting Soviet and American interests, American materialism, spoiled children and on and so forth.


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