IPF JOURNEY 04-18-2017 [she waits in the air]

Death: 11/1997
DEATH – [I guess I wrote this.]

hope-iiDeath, come sleep with me
but do not spend the night
it is early yet, there is still promise
we might yet find the time
to know each other a little better

Come sleep with me
but do not think you can stay
no it is not for you to impose yourself
not yet, not yet
the moon you see, is still full

But come closer, don’t be shy
after having come all this way
why not hold my hand
I’ll stroke your cheek
we can whisper to each other secret things

Yes, that’s it, you’ve got it now
lie there, be a friend
I won’t hurt you, don’t be afraid
no, I don’t mean to tease you
I know, I know

All right then, you may go
perhaps it just isn’t the right time
you know, to stay
maybe tomorrow, yes possibly
I’ll be here you know, as always, for you


Author: estrayer

sociology - that's it, sociology

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